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How to Make Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles
Belgian waffles are easy to make and no time-consuming breakfast recipe. They have all the necessary nutrients you need to start your day with. You can also use them as a snack in mid-day, that makes them an all-time snack for your appetite. There are different recipes for making waffles, and every one of them is a result of improvisation by various people. These recipes can be a different flavour, with fruits, with different flour, different milk and other ingredients. They always taste good no matter what recipe you use to make them. though easy as it seems, making waffles do need some attention and care, or you will crack them while taking out of the maker. There are steps involved in waffle making, if you do it correctly, you can make yourself perfect waffles

Step 1 Making the batter

The batter is the main step, and the success of making a good waffle depends totally upon the smoothness of the batter. If you’re using yeast, make sure you keep it for an hour ideal, covering the bowl with aluminium foil. This will increase the volume of the batter, and waffles will be light and fluffy. In order to make the batter smooth, you can use an electronic mixer or if it is done by spatula, then stir it properly.

The ingredients should be chosen according to the recipe you’re taking. Try to mix solid part separately and liquid components separately, then mix them together for smoothness. Yeast should be mixed with some milk separately, as it gives best results that way.

Step 2 Making ready the maker

Preheat the maker on the desired temperature, usually the temperature is set according to the colour you want them to have. It takes about 3-5 minutes in preheated maker for a waffle to prepare. Preheat the maker and oil the plates with canola or whichever oil you want. Usually, canola is used, but you can also use olive, refined or any other.

Step 3 Pouring the batter in make plates

This part requires attention. Spread it even on the plates and make sour you don’t overpour the batter, it can cause a problem for cleaning, also make sure you use a wooden spatula, as they’re handy. Slowly pour the batter with a spatula and evenly spread it, remove any spilt part, now put the plates down and keep it there for 3-5 minutes. You can cook them till desired brownish colour is attained.

Step 4 Removing the waffles

If they’re undercooked, then they will break as soon as you try to pull them out of the plates. They have to be rightly cooked before you try to pull out. You should use a thin spoon for picking up, and handle them with care because if you apply force more than require, they will break. Nobody likes broken waffles.

Step 5 Serving

You can serve them with fruit syrup like strawberry, blueberries and maple. You can also use chocolate for filling the waffles. Chocolate can be used as an ingredient for waffles also, you can mix it with batter. Other option for serving them with is whipped cream, they taste really good with whipped cream. You can also use raw fruits like kiwi, bananas and mango over them. it could be combinations of all of the things mentioned enough. Serving part is totally upon you and how you would like to have them.

This steps will surely help in making waffles, however, this article doesn’t have ingredients, which of course totally depends upon the type of recipe. You can make any type of waffles by following this common steps.

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