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Belgian Waffles with Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Butter and Sauteed Cider Apples


Features of the latest waffle makers

You do not need to go to any high-end restaurant to enjoy sumptuous waffles. Delicious and mouth watering waffles can be prepared very easily at home with the help of the new waffle makers which are available in the market at very affordable prices. One can choose a waffle maker from a wide range of latest consumer grade makers which offer a bunch of facilities to make your waffle making the experience much more enjoyable. However, with so many waffle makers available in the market it becomes a daunting task for the consumer to choose the best one. Thus, the next time you plan to go for waffle maker shopping keep these tips in mind which would help you select the best according to your taste preference.

Belgian waffles makers

Belgian waffles

Features of waffle makers that you should consider

  • The size of the maker: The size of the maker would totally depend on the space availability in your kitchen. Storing the maker when not in use can become a big headache, so one should choose the size of the maker wisely. If you buy a small maker it would prepare small waffles. However, if you want to prepare bulk waffles at a time then buying a large waffle maker would prove to be a good idea.
  • The shape of the waffle: Some waffle lovers are very particular about the shape of the waffle. While square shaped and round shaped waffles are very common, there are also waffle makers which can produce waffles in a heart shape and also in triangular shape. Thus, if you are very particular about the shape of the waffle then read the manual of the maker carefully before you purchase one.
  • The thickness of the waffle: Many people like their waffles to be thin and crispy whereas there are some people who want the crust to be thick and juicy. Choose the maker which has appropriate depth of the grid. Makers with the shallow grid would prepare waffles which are thin and crispy whereas the ones with a deep grid would make the waffle thick. However, it also depends on the batter and the temperature which decide the nature of the waffles to be prepared.
  • Makers with indicator lights: If you are a newbie to the waffle making process then you should definitely go for the maker which has indicator lights to indicate the temperature if the maker. The indicator lights are turned on when the maker is excessively heated. This makes the waffle making the process much easier.
  • The surface of the grill: The modern day makers come with a non-stick grill surface which makes the cleaning of the surface a much hassle free process. However, a little greasing should be used in order to grease the surface well. One must read the manual very carefully before using any kind of greasing on the surface to check whether this feature is supported by the maker or not.

Thus, these tips would surely help you buy the best maker which would suit our taste and choice.